Dark Envy Shampoo

Dark Envy Shampoo


Color-depositing shampoo that neutralizes red undertones

DETAILS: Seeing red? Enrich dark bases with Dark Envy - Our first range that neutralizes red undertones in virgin and all-over black to dark brown hair color. Total Results Dark Envy Shampoo is a green color-depositing toning shampoo that enriches dark bases and neutralizes red undertones. Key Benefits: For virgin and all-over black to dark brown hair color Neutralizes red undertones Leaves depth and cool, glossy finish Combination of blue-yellow direct dyes Signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood WHAT CAUSES RED UNDERTONES IN DARK BASES? Red undertones in dark bases can be caused by sun, water/chlorine, bleaching/highlighting, and chemical processes or excessive use of hot tools.

 HOW DOES DARK ENVY GREEN SHAMPOO DIFFER FROM TOTAL RESULTS BRASS OFF BLUE SHAMPOO & SO SILVER PURPLE SHAMPOO? Dark Envy contains direct dyes that help neutralize red undertones in hair levels 1-4. Brass Off contains direct dyes that help neutralize orange undertones in hair levels 5-7. So Silver contains direct dyes that help neutralize yellow undertones in hair levels 8-10+.

HOW TO USE: Wearing suitable gloves, apply to wet hair, lather and rinse well. Leave on 3-5 minutes for maximum cooling effect. Follow with either Dark Envy Conditioner or Red Neutralization Hair Mask. Designed for levels 1-4, Dark Envy should not be used on white or grey hair as it can leave a greenish hue. This also includes any hair that has been lightened to level 5 or lighter with color, lightener or the sun. Using the Dark Envy Shampoo and Mask- Results may vary depending on the porosity of hair. Always wear gloves & avoid the scalp as it can potentially cause staining.

300ml Bottle

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